The Crown Inn Bonfire Nights

In 2008 a piano, rumored to be Kate Bush's, was dumped out the back of the pub in preparation for the Crown Inns second Bonfire event. Myself and Steve, a local you may well know, and possibly love, thought let's have some fun with it......

Ever since that evening our bonfires have become increasingly extravagant with larger & more complex structures being built just to burn. This added twist to bonfire night, along with a fantastic firework display, hog roast, BBQ & beer tent has resulted in the event attracting crowds of over 400 people to our little spot in the Golden Valley.

Thank you to all the locals that have helped build these masterpieces & also to our friends, family & staff who have helped make the evening such an enjoyable one every year!

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Bonfires Through the Years

2018 Year of the Train

Why a Train? When you have been building stupid bonfires for 11 years you kind of run out of things to burn, so a Steam Train seemed like a good idea. This beauty had functioning wheels (Most complicated mechanism ever!) a puffing chimney & a roaring engine room.

See more pictures of The Train click here...

2017 Year of the Cake

On 6th October 2007 Gemma & I embarked on our reign at The Crown Inn. Unbelievably we are still here 10 years later. A lot has changed over the years, but we hope that you still enjoy the welcoming warmth we all try to bring to everyone who comes into the pub.

We would like to say A HUGE HUGE Thank you to all our Staff & Customers from down the years, you truly have made our time in Frampton Mansell an experience of a lifetime. Here's to many more years down the road, CHEERS!!

To celebrate our 10th Birthday, Pat, our Head Chef, said we should make a cake. So we did, the only way we knew how.... 18ft of cake with moving teirs & roman candles....... then we set it on fire of course!

See a video of The Cake in action click here...

See more pictures of The Cake click here...

2016 Year of the Mask

Why make a Guy for your bonfire when you can make Guy your bonfire!! This year we went back to relating things to Bonfire Night itself & created this masterpiece.

A 20ft Guy Fawkes Mask that blinked, winked & even talked!!

To see it for yourself and for more pictures of Guy click on the links below:

See a video of Guy in action click here...

See more pictures of the Mask click here...

2015 Year of the Phoenix

Many of you may know that Gemma & I had a strange year in 2015. I will not bore you with the details but as a result of this we constructed a 20ft moving Phoenix, rising out of the ashes symbolising a new beginning at the Crown (very deep I know, it was Micks idea)

This ended up being quite dramatic as its head & wings rose whilst being engulfed in flames!!

A difficult one to top in 2016?!

Click here to see the Phoenix Rising....

See more pictures of the Phoenix click here...

2014 Year of the Witch

This year we decided to have a Halloween theme. The witch was, by far the most detailed creation to date, utilising many different textures of wood that had been contributed. Complete with hairy warts, a birds nest in her hair & an evil green glare in her eye. I think we amazed ourselves this year! Thank you to all that got into the spirit of the night & came dressed in their best spooky costumes!

To see the complete rise & fall of the Witch follow the link to see a TIME LAPSE VIDEO of the whole process.

See more pictures of the Witch click here...

2013 Year of the Dragon

I don't know why we chose to build a dragon I wish I could say that it was the Chinese year of the dragon, but unfortunately it was the year of the snake, oh well?!

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2012 Year of the Bridge

Our salute to a fantastic year for Great Britain. A huge success hosting the Olympics meant we had to honour London for putting on such a great show! The day of the bonfire night it was on the news that a van had caught fire on Tower Bridge which had caused congestion in London. As we were setting it on fire anyway the last minute addition of a transit van had to be done!!

See more pictures of the Bridge click here...

2011 Year of the Spaceship

We decided to go for a Spaceship this year, starting the fire underneath it to emulate the take off. Low and behold it managed to become topical as NASA was announcing their space program was to be closed down. We took the opportunity to pretend that we had it all planned and added the sign at the last minute!

See more pictures of the Spaceship click here...

2010 Year of the Pirate Ship

The Pirate Ship was just MASSIVE, this is the year that we probably got a bit carried away. The Ship was roughly 25ft long & spanned over the whole of our grass patch in the over flow car park. It was complete with moveable sails, crows nest, a livestock pen & even firing cannons. After the fireworks the Ship successfully blasted its three cannons to signal its lighting & didn't it go up! Made from many old doors & floorboards it was a fire that burned hot, I had to hose our next door neighbours shed down most of the night as a precaution. Going forward we would make the bonfire a lot further away from our neighbours & detail started replacing size! But a great build all the same!

2009 Year of the House of Parliament

This year was a simple but effective creation to honour the origin of Guy Fawkes Night. Not many photos survived the night as somehow our camera managed to find its way into the fire, I will mention no names Mark Tucker... oops!


2008 The Year It All Began

As I mention in the introduction this is where it all began, if that piano had not been dumped on us I doubt that we would have created all the monstrosities we have over the years!


2007 Year of the...... well...... Bonfire?

(Artists impression)

Gemma & I took over the pub in October 2007, our first bonfire night was put on for all the villagers as a way of introducing ourselves. We met many local people who we now regard as friends!